Fun and Safe Dog Daycare

Free Welcome Day for New Daycare Clients

Your dog’s new friends are waiting! Let us welcome them with a free day of play.

Reservation and proof of vaccination required. Free Day of Play subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Daycare discount applies to first-time daycare customers only.
Oak Hill Pet Resort’s veterinarian-supervised daycare is a safe and healthy place for dogs to play and have fun. With 7 beautiful acres, dogs have plenty of room to exercise, socialize, and have a great time- all under the care of our highly trained staff. Whether you’re at work, running errands, or need your own day out, we’ll make sure your dog is satisfied and tired come pick-up time.

The Perfect Doggie Play Day

Our engaging daycare program was designed to keep your dog’s mind and body healthy in a safe, positive environment.

  • Acres of outdoor play yards are fully fenced and gated, with natural grass and play equipment.
  • Climate-controlled indoor daycare area to keep the fun going in all weather conditions
  • Daycare groups are separated by size and playstyle for the safest & most fun daycare experience.
  • Advanced level of staff training for all caregivers
  • Climate-controlled rest area for relaxing between playtimes
  • Fun & festive party events for daycare visitors
Image of Dogs playing together at Oak Hill Veterinary Care & Pet Resort
Image of two dogs playing tug at Oak Hill Veterinary Care & Pet Resort

Multiple Daycare Options

Playtime isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience at Oak Hill Pet Resort’s daycare. If your dog gets along with the pack, our social daycare is a perfect environment for them. But if your dog tends to prefer human friends, that’s just as good for us! Our caregivers can’t wait to play one-on-one with your furry loved one.

If your pup needs a little extra activity, we even have an Enhanced Daycare program. Enhanced Daycare is a next-level daycare option with even more enrichment and playtime. Themed activities, special games, bubble parties, holiday celebrations, and more make up just some of the fun we have at Enhanced Daycare.

Puppy Socialization

If you have a young bundle of furry love in your life, you likely know how important it is to start socializing them as early as possible. Our Puppy Social program invites puppies to come together to play and exercise their social skills in a constructive, professionally supervised environment. If you have any questions about puppy parenthood, our knowledgeable caregivers will be on hand to help. Give us a call to register your pup for our next Puppy Social!

Image of dog relaxing on a rock in Oakhill Veterinary Care and Pet Resort field
Image of two dogs running and playing at Oak Hill Pet Resort

Benefits of Dog Daycare

As veterinary experts, we understand how important dog daycare is. It’s not just fun, it’s extremely beneficial to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Satisfies your dog’s naturally social nature in a safe and supervised place
  • Ensures your pup gets the exercise they need while you’re away or at work
  • Reduces the risk of negative behaviors associated with loneliness or boredom. No more chewed up furniture, excessive barking, or holes in the yard!
  • Peace of mind—pet parents can relax knowing their dog’s in a safe, fun, stimulating environment instead of inviting a stranger into their home to pet sit.

Dog Daycare FAQ

What vaccinations does my dog need for daycare?
To keep our daycare one of the safest in the area, we require all our guests be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, distemper and Bordetella. We also strongly recommend the vaccinations for canine influenza.
What will my dog be doing at daycare?
Our daycare play yards have plenty of space, playground equipment, and even water play areas to keep dogs busy and happy! Our staff loves to get in on the fun and play games and snuggle with the dogs, too.
Do you provide water?
Of course. Cool, fresh water is always available!
My dog doesn’t really like other dogs. Will they still enjoy daycare?
We have a personal daycare program specifically for dogs who like playing with humans more than other dogs. Instead of joining the play groups, your dog will play one-on-one with a caregiver, enjoying all the play and attention they desire.
What are your daycare hours?

Daycare is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.

How do you separate play groups?
Dogs are separated into groups based on their size, energy level, and temperaments. This way we can ensure compatible playmates for each dog.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! We’d love if you gave our daycare a try, so we offer a free welcome day to all new visitors. Give us a call to reserve yours.