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Oak Hill Veterinary Care specializes in compassionate, expert care to provide the best medical solutions for your pet. Our highly trained and experienced doctors make a point of getting to know you and your pets, allowing us to provide the best care and put your pet at ease.

We’re accredited members of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, and Piedmont Veterinary Medical Association. Through mindful wellness and preventative care, we help provide the best quality of life for pets across the Amherst and Lynchburg areas. Our comprehensive care also includes advanced diagnostics, surgery, dental care, nutrition and diet consultation and other medical solutions.

Preventative & Wellness Care

Preventative and wellness programs benefit your pet for the span of their life. A complete wellness profile helps us give the most effective care to your pet on an ongoing basis and helps us individualize your pet’s treatment and care. Considerations for your pet’s breed, age, genetics, and situation help us guide you to the best medical information. Immunizations, lab analysis, wellness profiles and more are an important part of keeping your pet in top shape.

Image of dog getting a exam by trusted veterinarian
Image of kitten and vet finished exam

Diagnostics Suite

Oak Hill Veterinary Care is equipped with an in-house laboratory including bloodwork, radiology, and ultrasound. Diagnostic testing is a vital part of preventative care and gives us a complete and detailed picture of your pet’s health alongside a wellness exam. Our accurate and speedy in-house diagnostics let us identify and treat health concerns as soon and effectively as possible. We partner with an outside laboratory to fill in any gaps and provide you with a complete spectrum of diagnostic information.


Our skilled and expertly trained doctors have years of experience with a wide range of surgical procedures including spay/neuter, soft tissue surgery, minor orthopedic repairs and emergency surgery. Our surgical center is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Each surgical patient will receive individually tailored anesthetic protocols that helps ensure a safe procedure. We go above and beyond to encourage your pet’s swift recovery, including postoperative warming cages, cushioned recovery areas and adequate pain medications. While your pet is boarding you may also plan for elective procedures to allow them to heal in a safe and quiet place while being monitoring by our medical staff. We’re also able to microchip your pets to keep them identifiable in the event they get lost.

Image of kitten finishing surgery at Oakhill Veterinary Care & Pet Resort
Image of dog with tooth brush and clean teeth


Professional dental care is just as important for pets as it is for people. While brushing your pet’s teeth helps, it’s not quite enough to keep your pet’s mouth in perfect health—but we’re here to help. Oak Hill Veterinary Care’s dedicated dental suite provides ultrasonic cleaning to your pet’s entire smile. This thorough descaling process removes plaque buildup, examines the mouth for signs of dental or gum disease, and smoothly polishes each tooth individually. Dental x-rays are important to evaluate hidden issues below the gum and evaluate the bone around the teeth. When necessary dental extractions can be performed to provide pain relief and help our patients live long and healthy lives. Patients are carefully monitored post-op with advanced equipment in our recovery area.


Your pet’s diet affects much more than just their weight. Optimal nutrition is a significant part of keeping your pet healthy, and our experienced team is here to provide individualized nutritional consultations. We’ll help you understand the nutritional needs for your pet’s breed, age, and condition, including a detailed breakdown of calories and nutrients. If appropriate, we’ll explore prescription diet options for a variety of conditions including weight control, kidney disease, urinary health, digestive health, allergies, and more.

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